Who the #&@! is Dave Swift?

Failed Rockstar/Successful Solopreneur

From a very early age, I knew I was going to be a huge rock star…

Rockin' to packed house at The Fine Line in Minneapolis

You're on this website... so obviously that worked out! 🤣🤦‍♂️

I graduated from the most prestigious contemporary music college in the world in 2003 — which was not a great time to be in the music industry.

Napster had ravaged records stores and iTunes didn’t quite exist yet. The industry was in full panic mode, and everyone was getting laid off, dropped, or fired.

My Berklee Graduation Cake... with a photo of me circa age 6.

It was clear that if I wanted to make a career in music, I needed to do it myself. I couldn’t be a part of the big system. I needed to be an entrepreneur.

After several years of struggling in bands and working at recording studios, I started a shop that taught music lessons to kids and hobbyists. I found a passion for sharing information with people and I learned that I was pretty good at explaining complicated material in a simple way.

Swift School of Music in St. Paul, MN

But teaching was just the job, I still had to run the business.

Most of all – I had to learn to market online if I wanted to pay rent, pay staff, and maybe have some grocery money left over.

During that time, I picked up skills in creating websites, SEO, Google Ads, and content marketing.

Looking back, this was bootcamp for what would end up being a real career.

I got results. The business did well, and it wasn’t long until other business owners in the area were asking for my help marketing their business online…

How I Started YouTube & Found My Calling.

I’m a family man. I have four kids and an amazing wife.

Some of my favorite people: Amy, Rebel, Maverick, Moxie, Surly & Finnegan.

After ten years of pretending to be Jack Black in "School of Rock", I decided to close the music lesson shop to work online.

That’s when my wife decided to start Client Amp, a marketing agency dedicated to helping dentists find and book patients online… “wait what? Ok, I guess we’re doing this!”

The plan was to use my wife’s contacts in the dental world to generate sales, and she would outsource fulfillment to me.

After working with clients for six months or so, I began recording short videos for clients to answer their questions.

“You know, you’re really good at this, Dave.” One client replied to a video. “Not everyone can explain things so clearly.”

My first video and encouragement from "The Crafter"

I'll never forget, I just got home from the Minnesota State Fair with my family. I was sunburned and exhausted.

My favorite YouTuber, WPCrafter, had just posted a video, and I really wanted to reply to him. So, with no prep, I hit record and made my first video and posted it to YouTube immediately.

Later that night, he commented on the video.

To me, this was like Paul McCartney saying, "hey mate, that's a pretty good tune, you should write some more!"

Maybe it was my ten years of teaching 7-year olds how to play the intro riff to “Smoke On The Water”, but it seemed as though the combination of video and teaching was a great platform for me.

Based on feedback from clients, and with encouragement from people like WPCrafter, I decided to start posting tutorials and reviews online.

I’m flattered that anyone finds my tutorials and reviews helpful. I always approach each video as though I’m explaining things to a client, so perhaps that is what makes my reviews and training standout a bit.

The channel grew. I landed custom video deals with some of the biggest WordPress companies in the world. Affiliate commissions started to compete with our agency revenue and would eventually overtake it.

The channel quickly became my primary focus at the agency.

The "Play Button" my son gave me when the channel crossed 20K subs!

We now manage a network of content sites.

Swift Media Group is our video creation subscription service for software developers. Unlimited videos for one flat fee.
DaveSwift.com is my personal site where I can write about the software and tech that is driving my work and interest.
Profitable Tools is where I create training courses and pick my absolute favorite software.
That LTD Life is where I showcase tools to keep your business overhead at a minimum.


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I create content to help people like you achieve your goals online.

But the truth is, there are no shortcuts to building a profitable online business. You’re competing with the world and it’s going to be hard.

All the marketing gurus aren’t wrong — to win you need a great offer that appeals to your ideal client.

You need a systemized and data-driven marketing approach so you can scale.

But most of all you need to have a purpose. Or a “Why” as Simon Sinek would say.

I can teach you to create an irresistible offer.

I can show you the exact configuration I’ve used to create seven figure sales funnels.

But the truth is it takes a lot of work.

If you’re driven enough, then my content can guide you to success. It won’t be easy, but it is easier than doing it on your own. And that’s why I'm here, so you don’t have to go it alone.

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