My Highly Optimized Course Creation Workflow

This is not a post about using AI to automatically create courses. Instead, I'll show you how I use AI & automation software to make the creation processes less stressful and faster, while delivering a superior output to students.

My Highly Optimized Course Creation Workflow
A few of the tools that helps me make 70+ videos per week that are actually good and 100% human.

Creating high-quality video content can be a grueling task. However, with the right tools and workflow, this process can become significantly more manageable.

Here's how I streamlined my content creation process for my new course, Ghost 5 Mastery.

1. Browser Window Sizing

First, I make sure my browser window is sized appropriately. I use an Apple Shortcut to resize my window. This shortcut resizes to a size slightly larger than 1080p, enabling me to crop out the URL bar while maintaining a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Download my exact shortcut:

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