How InsideTracker Changed My Life and Improved My Health

How InsideTracker Changed My Life and Improved My Health


  • InsideTracker is a personalized health analytics platform that analyzes blood samples to provide insights and recommendations for improving health and wellness.
  • The platform helped Dave recover from chronic fatigue and improved his wife's energy levels by identifying her iron deficiency.
  • The InsideTracker mobile app offers personalized pro tips, daily journaling, and customizable action plans based on your health goals.
  • Although it can be pricey, InsideTracker can be a valuable investment in your health and well-being.
  • Check out for more information and to try InsideTracker yourself.

My Journey to InsideTracker


After contracting a viral infection in February 2020, I struggled to regain my health, which hindered my ability to get work done. My health issues led me to explore InsideTracker, and my wife has also benefited from using the software.

How InsideTracker Works


InsideTracker is not just a mobile app that syncs with your wearables. The main point of InsideTracker is that it uses actual data from your blood to provide personalized advice on exercise, supplements, and diet.

To get started, you'll need to do a blood draw at one of their partnered labs, like Quest. The results are then sent to InsideTracker's software, which can be accessed on their website or your phone.

Getting My Results


When I received my InsideTracker results, I discovered two major issues I needed to address: high cholesterol and low testosterone levels.

Cholesterol Improvement


Since my first cholesterol test with InsideTracker in November 2021, I managed to drop my cholesterol by 48 points in just five months. This significant improvement was achieved without any medication, thanks to the personalized recommendations from InsideTracker.

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InsideTracker and Testosterone Levels

Using InsideTracker, I managed to significantly increase my testosterone levels, going from around 200 points to almost double that number.


My overall attitude towards life has greatly improved, and I now have better control over my emotions and the ability to work hard.

InsideTracker Dashboard: Personalized Recommendations and Tracking Progress

With InsideTracker, you can easily upload test results from your doctor, and the software will take them into account while developing personalized recommendations for you.


Specific Results and Optimal Health

InsideTracker provides very specific results for various biomarkers, allowing you to optimize even the smallest aspects of your health. For example, I could get my vitamin B12 levels down into the optimized zone by eliminating my multivitamin.

Track Improvements and Focus on Cognition

The software allows you to sort your results by category and track your improvements. I improved my B12, potassium, and sugar levels. I went from being pre-diabetic to extremely healthy.


InsideTracker's Inner Age

InsideTracker calculates your inner age based on all the metrics provided. Although my chronological age is almost 41, my inner age, according to InsideTracker, is 31. I have decreased my inner age by optimizing my health in just six months.


My Wife's Health Concerns and Experience with InsideTracker

Amy had been experiencing excessive sleepiness, which we initially thought was due to her being a mom and handling mom duties all day long. However, her energy levels didn't improve even after our kids grew older. She had lost interest in working out, which she had previously enjoyed.

After using InsideTracker, Amy discovered that she was severely deficient in iron. The platform recommended that she see a doctor, which led her to take iron supplements. This significantly improved her life, making her feel more energetic and waking up earlier without feeling exhausted.


InsideTracker Mobile App

The InsideTracker mobile app offers personalized pro tips based on your health data, helping you make healthier choices over time. The app has a dashboard that shows recent physical activity, overall wellness score, and resting heart rate.


Daily Journal and Goals

The app features a daily journal where you answer simple questions about stress, alcohol, caffeine, electronic device usage, and how you feel. This can be especially helpful for tracking sleep quality and understanding what factors may be affecting it.

The action plan section of the app focuses on daily goals for improving health. My goals are primarily food-related, as I'm working on improving my diet.


Customizing Action Plan and Biomarker Tracking

You can customize your action plan based on your primary goal: strength and power, overall health, injury prevention, fat loss, stress, metabolism, sleep, energy, heart health, or optimizing inner age. The app offers various recommendations related to exercise, diet, supplements, and lifestyle choices. You can also track your biomarkers and inner age through the app.


Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Thanks to InsideTracker, I have recovered faster and am now back to making YouTube videos full-time. InsideTracker offers different plans, including a less expensive option where you can upload test results from your doctor. However, I recommend opting for InsideTracker's extensive panel of tests for a more comprehensive analysis.

If you have questions or concerns about InsideTracker, leave a comment below. Although it may be pricier, it can be a valuable investment in your health, helping you feel better and live longer.