TextSniper: The Ultimate Text Copying Tool for Your Screen

TextSniper: The Ultimate Text Copying Tool for Your Screen

TextSniper is a handy text-copying tool for Mac that extracts text from videos, images, and protected websites. TextSniper is perfect for online learning and note-taking, with features like text-to-speech and customizable line breaks.


  • TextSniper allows you to copy text from any source on your screen, including videos, images, and websites with copy protection.
  • Helpful for taking online courses and quickly saving notes without manual typing.
  • Toggle line breaks on and off to preserve or remove formatting.
  • Faster than other tools I've tried, including the OCR from CleanShot X
  • Text-to-speech functionality reads selected text aloud.
  • Affordable one-time payment of $8, with a 30% off promo code in the description.
  • Buy Text Sniper directly here, or get it as part of SetApp

Discover the power of TextSniper, a handy tool that allows you to copy any text from your screen, regardless of where it appears. From videos to images and even text on websites that prevent copying, TextSniper makes it all possible.

Copy Text from Any Source

TextSniper is an incredibly versatile tool that enables you to copy text from practically any source on your screen [screenshot 00:00:03,520]:

  • Text in a video
  • Text in an image
  • Text on websites with copy protection

![TextSniper in action](image 00:00:13,440)

Useful for Online Courses and Saving Notes

TextSniper is especially helpful when taking online courses. You can quickly copy text from slides or videos to save in your notes without pausing the video or manually typing the content

[screenshot 00:00:35,760].

![TextSniper for online courses](image 00:00:41,040)

Preserving or Removing Line Breaks

TextSniper also allows you to toggle line breaks on and off. This feature is useful when copying text from images with the oddly formatted text [screenshot 00:01:10,480].

![TextSniper line breaks](image 00:01:21,620)

Text-to-Speech Functionality

TextSniper can even read text aloud to you. Simply activate the text-to-speech function and select the text you want to be read [screenshot 00:01:52,080].

![TextSniper text-to-speech](image 00:01:58,340)

Affordable and Easy to Use

Starting at just $8 for a one-time payment, TextSniper is an affordable and powerful tool for your Mac. It has become one of my most used tools, and I can't recommend it enough.

You can get TextSniper here.

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